Mystic Rose


I am a gifted, spiritual, Five Star Tarot Reader. My psychic gift was inherited from my grandfather, an Indian Medicine Man, who is now in the spirit world.  My gift offers insight and guidance on matters of love, money and career;  but most importantly, your life's purpose.

I have been reading professionally for over 35 years, communicating with loved ones who have crossed over.  I will give you insight into how the past and your future relate to present situations.

Let me help you connect to your Spirit Guides and Special Angels with messages meant for you alone.  The information you'll receive from my reading includes the tools to help you walk your path in life with confidence; becoming more aware of opportunities and challenges so that you will make better choices for your highest good.

Having been born with four major planets in Pisces enables me to read with compassion, love and the highest level of intuitiveness. Always remember that Spirits only give information needed for your highest and best good.

"God answers all prayers perfectly."

Come take the journey with me!

- Mystic Rose

  • Private Tarot Classes
  • Professional Tarot Reader
  • Reiki Master
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Tampa Native